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It's now possible to play chess on DICS without the need to download clients , if you have a JAVA capable browser javachess is all you need to play chess in a graphical environment.

All server commands can be issued from the javachess console ]

This is an example


  • This is how it looks like ,when you are already a registered player at D.I.C.S. enter your handle at the login field and your password at the password field then hit the connect button.

  • As unregistered player you only have to type an unique name at the login field ( no password needed) registering is easy,FREE and has some advantages .

  • register

  • When the board is too big to fit on your screen try disabling your browser's directory buttons and location pointer then when the board is ok click your browser in the background and then in the foreground again it should be fine then!

  • Wait until all images are loaded [you'll see images loaded at the status line of your browser] before attempting to login

  • type news followed by an enter from within the javachess console to see the latest server news and other announcements.

    Enough words spilled javachess 
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